Acts 1:8 is a guiding Scripture in the life of CCTO. It gives a picture of the expansive work of God through His church to the world, and we believe that starts locally, in our “Jerusalem”. There is always a service opportunity for you to participate in at CCTO.
Below you will also find a list of local service opportunities and a list of ministries that we believe in and support. If you have questions about these ministries or you’d like to discover how you can be involved, please contact marty@ccto.org.


Feed My Sheep is a CCTO ministry to needy and struggling families in the Conejo Valley.
Meet in the Fellowship Hall at CCTO on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
F.M.S. exists to show Christ’s love in action by providing grocery assistance, a warm smile, and holiday help.
All food and gift donations are provided by the membership of CCTO and FoodShare.
If you would like to volunteer to serve at Feed My Sheep or provide for families in need, contact marty@ccto.org.


Our community has established relationships with two senior mobile home parks in Thousand Oaks. We serve by:
1. Regular yard work and window washing days
2. Helping Hands: A service providing basic repair and help for individuals
3. Fellowship Dinners
In addition, we have a number of other events and service opportunities throughout the year. If you would like more information on how to share in this ministry and build relationships within these mobile home communities, please contact marty@ccto.org.


Our homeless ministry team goes throughout our community twice each month building relationships with those who are currently homeless. Our ministry goals are simple:
1. Provide for a basic need by giving food for the day
2. Share in loving conversation to build relationships
If you would like to hear more about this ministry and explore the possibilities of joining us or serving on the support team, please contact marty@ccto.org.


God has called us to care for the orphan in our midst and in our community. One of the ways we are choosing to answer that call is through serving the needs of children in foster care. Among the ways we serve are:
1. Backpack & School supply collection
2. Relationships and service opportunities with local Group Homes
If you are interested in serving foster children in the community, please contact marty@ccto.org. Anyone can help and everyone is called!